With its 5G Beamforming 3D solution, Swingcell has been selected for a massive MIMO trial in dense urban area of major city for indoor and outdoor testing in 3.5 GHz band deployment. Actual 5G beams are detected, analyzed and vizualised in 3D.

Swingcell delivered in 2020-2021, for an international car manufacturer, full design and end to end architecture of smart factory assembly line based on 5G radio, numerous sensors, video camera streams.

Full scheme includes integration with business solution SAP S/4HANA Asset Intelligence Network (AIN), SAP Leonardo IoT, SAP Logistics (Material Management), SAP Production Planning and Plant Maintenance (PP / PM). 

Swingcell takes on project on testing and optimizing massive MIMO and 3D beamforming in dense urban area

Swingcell prepares C-V2X scenarios based on 5G radio.

Performance comparison between C-V2X and ITS-G5 technologies